50mm chain and 925 silver pendant designed in collaboration with the artist Hanako Mimiko

Libra necklace

  • El Crisol

    1. The life long friendship between the creators of OnzaLab and Hanako Mimiko led to the creation of this special jewellery collection. A collaboration based on the search for similarity in the divergence of styles, that bears the name of El Crisol. El Crisol is the Spanish word for the crucible; it is the vessel where artists turn and fuse their ideas, just like traditional goldsmiths use a refractory crucible to join different metals.
    2. This collection of jewellery transforms Hanako Mimiko's artistic process into the physical, as her illustrations are converted into tangible objects through three-dimensional sculpting software. Made of fifteen hundred layers of digital wax printing, the object is then used as a prototype for the jewellery itself. The wax is calcined in high temperature ovens, after which molten silver is injected at 890°C. Finally, the polishing and finishing stages of the process are carried out manually in a small goldsmith shop in Galicia.
    3. Through this conjunction of traditional and contemporary creative techniques, unique jewels of 925 sterling silver were born.
    4. El Torques.
    5. Originating from the work of Celtic goldsmiths is the torques. Torques comes from the Latin word “torqueo”, which means to twist, named after the twisted shape of the necklace. Rigid and round, it opens at the front like a circular horseshoe.
    6. There are countless interpretations of the historical origins of the torques in Celtic culture. The most popular is that the possessions of a torques would identify a person as a political or religious leader, known as a Druid. The torques was also rewarded to warriors after a battle.
    7. The “El Torque” ring is a reinterpretation of this significant symbol of Celtic culture. Just like El Crisol, it’s a union of two forces, and roots right back to the inspiration behind this collaboration itself. A fusion of opposites, the balance between divergent worlds, and the fusion as day and night meet at sunset.
    8. “El Torques” and the “Libra” necklace are part of a limited edition of 50 serial, signed and accreditated pieces.
    9. Libra Necklace
    10. Yin and yang is one of the oldest symbols to exist. Originating from Taoism, the concept represents the balance of opposing and complementary forces; a duality you can find amongst everything in the universe. Yin symbolises the feminine principle; earth, darkness, passivity, absorption. The yang is the masculine principle; the sky, the light, the activity, the penetration.
    11. The Libra necklace is a celebration of the balance between male and female principles, the balance between opposites. For in astrology, the symbol of Libra means balance and harmony.
    12. A symbol integrated not only in the essence of El Crisol, but an iconic symbol of Hanako Mimiko’s artwork itself. This is the Libra necklace; a solid silver pendant accompanied by a 50 cm silver bead chain.
    13. This necklace belongs to a series of 50 pieces and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.